Using Your Android Device

Before you get started with your control system, it is helpful if you familiarize yourself with the basic operation of your Android device.

Unlocking Your Screen

When you first power on an Android phone, it usually starts off with the screen in a “locked” state. For the Motorola smartphones that are used in the FIRST Tech Challenge, you must touch the locked screen and then slide your finger upwards along the screen to unlock the phone. Note that different devices might require a slightly different procedure to unlock the screen.


Depending on your security settings, you might be challenged for a pass code or PIN number. Use the touch screen to enter in the pass code or PIN value and tap on the check mark to log into the device.


Displaying Available Apps on your Android Phone

Android Marshmallow Users

If you are using a device with Android Marshmallow (6.x) or earlier, you can display the available apps using the Android App Drawer button that is available on the home screen.

There should be another row of buttons visible above the “Back”, “Home” and “Recent Apps” buttons. In the center of this row of buttons is a button that has an array of dots or squares.


Tapping on this button will launch the Android App Drawer. The App Drawer displays a list of all of the apps that are available on your Android device. You can scroll through the App Drawer screens to find and launch an app.


Android Nougat Users

If you are using a device with Android Nougat (7.x) or newer, you can display the available apps by simply swiping upwards from the bottom of the touchscreen. Newer versions of Android no longer have the App Drawer feature.