Common Team FAQs

If you’re looking for quick answers regarding the many facets of being a team from registration to competition to judging. Please refer to these official questions and answers to guide you through the season. If you need further clarification navigate to to Live Chat or ask game specific questions on the Game Q&A .

Dashboard/Registration FAQs

Why can’t I invite my team members to my team?

Each team is required to have two YPP screened lead coaches to see the Invite Youth Member contact option

I just registered with Pitsco, but I still see a balance due on my dashboard, why?

Pitsco submits payments to us electronically. This process can take 24-48 hours to complete.

System FAQs

Who can log into the FIRST Tech Challenge Scoring system?

Lead Coach 1 & 2

Who can log into the FTC-ML toolchain?

All team members, registered mentors and Lead Coach 1 and 2 can login although only Lead Coach 1 and 2 can upload videos.

FTC-ML Manual

Where can I find events and event results in my region? is the source for FIRST-official team, events and event results information for FIRST Tech Challenge

Judging FAQs

What do I need to bring to my Judging Appointment?

Teams should bring their robot, their engineering portfolio, their control award submission, and their request for feedback form. Please note that at some events, the engineering portfolio, control award submission and feedback request form are collected when the team checks in for the event.

What feedback will we receive from the judges?

Judges complete the feedback form after the team has completed their formal interview, and after the Judges have reviewed the Engineering Portfolio. Feedback is limited to the initial interview and Engineering Portfolio only.

Is my team required to prepare a 5 minute presentation?

Teams are not required to prepare a 5 minute presentation. Teams should let the judges know they do not have a formal presentation. The judges will begin to ask the team questions at the beginning of the interview. Teams are not penalized in any way if they do not have a prepared presentation.

Competition FAQs

Who on my team needs to be with the robot for inspection?

It depends on which inspection station you’re visiting and how your event is configured. The inspectors at Field Inspection like to see the Drive Team, Human Player (if there is one), and Drive Coach. The inspectors at Robot Inspection really just want to see team members who have the best idea of what’s going on with the robot (mechanically and electrically). Look at your inspection sheets, you can generally determine what you’re doing based on the checklist.

Why aren’t you going to replay that match?

There are only certain situations that warrant replaying a match. Unless we can prove that it was a field fault or Wi-Fi interference, we cannot replay a match.

Why did you replay a match for someone else, but not us?

The situation was different. If necessary, teams can talk with the head referee in the competition area Question Box.

Why won’t you fix that score? We have video (or photographs) to prove the score is wrong!

Teams can go the question box so they can discuss this issue with the head referee. No photographs or videos wil be reviewed per GM1 <C02>.

Why don’t you fix/cleanup the wireless environment? It’s obvious the wireless environment is disruptive and causing disconnects.

WiFi is observed throughout the event.

What do we do if we think the scoring referees scored our match wrong or the scorekeeper put the wrong score into the computer.

Teams may formally protest a match for a period of time not to exceed three matches following the match in question. If a team wants to dispute a score, one student representative should wait patiently in the designated Question Box area for the head referee (do not interrupt matches for this conversation). If the referees agree that they made a mistake, they can correct it. If the referees are confident in their score, the team should accept that decision. Refer to GM1 <C02>.

Technology FAQs

I’m getting a weird error, where can I go to get help with fixing this?

The best place to go for help is the ftc-community platform. The ftc-community platform is a community place to ask questions that is monitored by a variety of knowledgeable folks who can likely help you with your questions!

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