VisionPortal Overview

FIRST Tech Challenge introduces VisionPortal, a comprehensive new interface for vision processing.

  • For FTC Blocks and Java teams, VisionPortal offers key capabilities of AprilTag and EasyOpenCV, along with TensorFlow Object Detection (TFOD) – at the same time!

    Dual Detection

    Dual Preview with both AprilTags and TensorFlow

  • AprilTag detections include ID code and pose: tag location and orientation, relative to the camera.

  • Camera Controls, which can improve AprilTag and TFOD performance for webcam, are now fully available to FTC Blocks users.

  • Multiple cameras can operate at the same time – phone camera and/or webcam.

    Dual Camera

    Multiple Camera View

  • Sample OpModes and new tools are available to operate and customize these features, including the Builder pattern.

  • For heavy video processing, many options are available to manage CPU resources and USB bandwidth.

  • DS and RC previews can be BIG!

    Full Screen

    Full Screen Preview

Many other new and improved features await your discovery in VisionPortal and beyond.

In preparation for the 2023-2024 CENTERSTAGE season, the new Software Development Kit (SDK) VisionPortal includes built-in support for AprilTag technology. Previously, Teams needed to download and incorporate external libraries, complicating the programming effort.

AprilTag is a popular vision technology for detecting a simple black-and-white tag, used to estimate position and orientation. In the 2022-2023 POWERPLAY game, many Teams enjoyed AprilTag’s reliable Autonomous performance for Signal Sleeve recognition.

Dual Detection

Photo Credit: Mike Silversides

All sections of this Guide assume prior reading of the AprilTag Introduction .

The SDK describes AprilTag pose relative to the camera, by default. This computing process is called pose estimation, a term that emphasizes this is an estimate only, based on many factors including camera calibration. You must determine AprilTag’s best use for reaching your goals.

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