FIRST Tech Challenge Team Discounts

As a benefit of being a FIRST Tech Challenge Team, some vendors and sponsors of FIRST programs have generously provided discounts on products to teams. These discounts may be for specific categories of products, or may apply site-wide, and may require an application process or a season-specific or team-specific promo code. Read details below for each vendor for more information.

Team Grant Opportunities


  • FIRST Tech Challenge Team Grants

Expires: See each individual grant opportunity.

To Apply: Check out the list of current Team Grants available and see if you’re eligible!

FIRST Storefront
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  • All FIRST Tech Challenge Teams are eligible for discounts on control equipment, electronics, and starter kits.

  • Teams are limited to one purchase per item per category each season.

Expires: Good for the current FIRST Tech Challenge competition season.

Promo Code: N/A

To Use: See the Kit of Parts PDF for instructions on how to purchase discounted parts.