FIRST Tech Challenge Game Q&A

The Game Q&A is a forum/tool that provides teams an opportunity to receive clarifications from the Game Design Committee about the current season’s challenge. Rulings on the Q&A are final and binding, so all teams must make sure to check back and review the Q&A often. Game rulings made within the Q&A system are NOT guaranteed to be reflected in the appropriate Game Manual.

How to Ask Questions

Once the Game Q&A opens for the season (usually within 2-3 weeks of the challenge being announced) teams may ask questions using unique accounts provided to teams via their FIRST Dashboard accounts. Teams must use these credentials to log into the system, and then may ask questions. Anyone may create a personal account and view or tag questions, but only accounts provided to teams may ask questions.

Obtaining the team credentials for the question-asking team accounts can only be done by the Lead Coach 1 or 2 by selecting “Passwords/Voucher Codes” from the “Payment & Product” drop-down in the “Team Options” column of the team information in the FIRST Dashboard. The Q&A website credentials for the team will be listed under the “Game Q&A Forum Accounts” section of the resulting webpage.

Game Q&A Summary

The Game Q&A tool periodically provides updates to their “one-page summary” of all answered questions. This one-page summary is not guaranteed to contain all questions and answers, and is also not guaranteed to be updated on a regular basis, but it is the best way to obtain a printable format of the questions and answers on the forum.