Computer Requirements for FIRST Programs

FIRST® programs, such as FIRST® LEGO® League, FIRST® Tech Challenge, and FIRST® Robotics Competition, are as unique as the teams that participate in them. This uniqueness is partially due to the wide variety of vendors that provide technologies to the programs, the hardware and software necessary to manage each program’s distinctive goals, and the constantly evolving landscape of tools and techniques that teams find useful to participate and excel. One commonality between programs is the need for teams to have a computer platform for software development, design, and collaboration. This document serves as a recommendation for the hardware and operating system requirements for that computer system.

Of the many factors that can affect the minimum requirements for a computer, these are the ones that affect those requirements most heavily:

  • Any role-specific tasks that the computer may perform in the program

  • Type of Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software that may be used on the computer

  • Software development and hardware update requirements

  • Vendor-specific application requirements and limitations

Program-Specific Requirements

Each program has a unique set of requirements, but each of those requirements can be met with a minimum computer configuration. This section attempts to identify the minimum requirements for each program’s roles. Specific recommended hardware that meets each of the requirements are listed in the “Recommended Hardware Sets” section.