Required Materials

This wiki contains tutorials that demonstrate how to configure, program, and operate the FIRST Tech Challenge control system. In order to complete the tutorials, you will need to have the following materials available:

Required Item(s)


Two (2) FIRST-approved* Android devices OR One (1) Control Hub and one (1) FIRSTapproved* Android device for the Driver Station

androidphones Or chandphones

Wireless Internet access.


Laptop with Microsoft Windows 7, 8 or 10 andWi-Fi capability.Note that your laptop shouldhave the most current service packs and systemupdates from Microsoft.If you are using adifferent type of machine (such as aChromebook, Android Tablet, etc.) as yourprogramming device, the steps might differslightly on how to access the ProgrammingServer on the Robot Controller. Refer to yourdevice’s user documentation for details on howto connect to a Wi-Fi network.


Javascript-enabled web browser (Google Chromeis the recommended browser).


If you are using a smartphone as part of yourRobot Controller, you will also need a REVRobotics Expansion Hub (REV-31-1153) toconnect to the motors, servos, and sensors.Control Hub users will use the integratedports built into the Control Hub to connectmotors, servos, and sensors.


REV Robotics Switch, Cable, & Bracket(REV-31-1387).


If you are using an approved 12V battery thathas an Tamiya connector (like the TetrixW39057 battery) you will need a >REV RoboticsTamiya to XT30 Adapter Cable (REV-31-1382). Ifyou have a REV Robotics Slim Battery(REV-31-1302) then you will not need thisadapter since the REV battery already has anXT30 connector.


FIRST-approved* 12V Battery (such as TetrixW39057 or REV Robotics REV-31-1302).*Fora list of FIRST-approved 12V batteries, referto the current Game Manual Part 1, rule<RE03>.

battery Or slimbattery

FIRST-approved* 12V DC Motor (such asTetrix W39530, with power cable W41352).*For a list of FIRST-approved 12V motors,refer to the current Game Manual Part 1,rule <RE09>.


REV Robotics Anderson to JST VH Cable(REV-31-1381).


180-Degree Standard Scale Servo (such as HitecHS-485HB).


REV Robotics Color Sensor with 4-Pin Cable(REV-31-1154).


REV Robotics Touch Sensor with 4-Pin Cable(REV-31-1425).


If you are using a smartphone as your RobotController, you will need a USB Type A male totype mini-B male cable. Control Hub users donot need this cable.


If you are using a smartphone as your RobotController, you will need two (2) micro USBOTG adapters. If you are using a Control Hubas your Robot Controller, you will need one(1) micro USB OTG adapter.

otg otg

Logitech F310 USB Gamepad.