Connecting a Motor to the Hub

The Hub can drive up to four (4) 12V DC motors per Hub. The Hub uses a type of electrical connector known as a 2-pin JST VH connector. Many of the FIRST-approved 12V DC motors are equipped with Anderson Powerpole connectors. An adapter cable can be used to connect the Anderson Powerpole connectors to the Hub motor port (see FIRST Tech Challenge Robot Wiring Guide for more information).


For the examples in this tutorial, FIRST recommends that the user build a simple rig to secure the motor in place and prevent it from moving about during the test runs. The image above shows a Tetrix motor installed in a rig built with a Tetrix motor mount and some Tetrix C-channels. A gear was mounted on the motor shaft to make it easier for the user to see the rotation of the shaft.

Note that it will take an estimated 2.5 minutes to complete this task.

Connecting a 12V Motor to the Hub Instructions

1. Connect the Anderson Powerpole end of the motor’s power cable to the Powerpole end of the Anderson to JST VH adapter cable.


2. Connect the other end of the Anderson to JST VH adapter cable into the motor port labeled “0” on the Hub.