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Javadoc Reference Pages

As you start to write more complicated op modes, you will need to use more features of the FIRST Tech Challenge software development kit (SDK). You can reference online Javadoc material that provide descriptions of the available FIRST Tech Challenge-related classes and methods, at the following web address:


Sample Op Modes

The OnBot Java Programming Tool has several built-in example op modes that demonstrate how to do different tasks with the FIRST Tech Challenge control system. As you create a new file, you can use the Sample dropdown list control to display a list of available sample op modes or templates. The comments in these examples help explain what the program statements do.


Technology Forum

Registered teams can create user accounts on the FIRST Tech Challenge forum. Teams can use the forum to ask questions and receive support from the FIRST Tech Challenge community.

The technology forum can be found at the following address:

REV Robotics Expansion Hub Documentation

REV Robotics Expansion Hub Getting Started Guide