Power Distribution

Robot Main Battery

TETRIX 12V Battery


MATRIX 12V Battery


REV 12V Battery


The main power of a robot comes from one 12v battery. The battery may be one of the batteries shown above. Refer to section <RE03> in the Game Manual Part 1 for exact information on allowed batteries. Note that it is typically allowed by <RE15> to replace the connector on the batteries, provided the in-line fuse on the battery is preserved.


Be sure to remove the 20A fuse from the in-line fuse holder prior to cutting any wires/connectors if/when replacing the factory default battery connector.

Main Power Switch

REV Power Switch


TETRIX Power Switch


MATRIX Power Switch


One Main Power Switch must control all power provided by the Main Battery. It along with its label should be placed in accordance to Game Manual Part 1. The legal power switches are shown above. <RE01>

Power Switch Label

Power Distribution Block

REV XT30 Power Distribution Block


Power Distribution Blocks help to distribute the power to devices such as Control Hubs, SPARKminis, and more. See Game Manual Part 1 for a description of legal Power Distribution methods. The REV XT30 Power Distribution Block shown is only one option for distributing power, and is not the only legal device for power distribution.

REV Servo Power Module

REV Servo Power Module


This is an electronic device that boosts the power supplied to 3-wire servos. A REV Servo Power Module has 6 input servo ports and 6 matching output ports. It draws power from a 12V source and provides 6V power to each output servo port. A REV Servo Power Module can provide up to 15A of current across all output servo ports for a total of 90 Watts of power per module.

Commercial USB Battery Pack

USB Battery Pack


A commercial USB battery pack is an auxiliary power source that can be used in specific situations in accordance with the Game Manuals