FIRST Tech Challenge Team Complimentary Software

As a benefit of being a FIRST Tech Challenge Team, some sponsors of FIRST programs have generously provided complimentary software, licenses, and/or support to teams. These licenses are generally good for a period of one year and many must be renewed annually. Sometimes sponsored content require the use of a donation voucher provided in your FIRST Dashboard team account, sometimes sponsors merely require your Team number and contact information, and some software is simply provided free of charge with no proof of registration requirement. Read details below for each product for more information.



  • Autodesk CAD software (including Fusion 360, Inventor, 3ds Max, and more…)

Expires: Contact Autodesk for exact details.

Access Codes: N/A

To Access: Check out the Autodesk page for details.

Dassault Systèmes


  • Dassault Systèmes CAD software (including SOLIDWORKS and the 3D EXPERIENCE Platform)

Expires: Contact Dassault Systèmes for exact details.

Access Codes: [COMING SOON]

To Access: Check out the Dassault Systèmes page for details.



  • PTC Software Access (including Creo, OnShape, etc…)

Expires: Contact PTC for exact details.

Access Codes: N/A

To Access: Check out the PTC page for details.