3D Printing

Many parts in FTC need to be a special/unique shape and size, one that isn’t sold or available from a vendor. Sometimes, teams need a part that is impossible to machine or cut out, or needs to be lightweight. Other times, teams may want to test and iterate the design of a part rapidly and cheaply. 3D printing is a great solution to all of these problems.

3D Printing is the process of creating a three dimensional object by laying down successive layers of material (typically plastic) from a digital model file. To do this, machines known as 3D Printers are employed which melt and place plastic in order to produce this model.

In order to start 3D printing, teams need to understand how the technology works, what printers are available to buy, how to properly set up a part to be printed, and what materials are available to print with.

Volunteer Special Thanks

The FIRST Tech Challenge staff would like to extend a special thanks to the following volunteers for their hard work and dedication toward this project:

  • Lucas Y., Team 16461

  • Davy Hallihan, Team 16461

  • Ryan Driemeyer, Team 1002